Suite 1,
19-23 Hoddle Street,
Richmond, Victoria 3121
  • Disability support work from a provider that cares

    Monday to Friday
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Disability support work from a provider that cares

    Monday to Friday
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Disability support work  from a provider that cares

    Monday to Friday
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Welcome to MH&R Holdings

Moral, Honesty & Respect
Moral, Honesty & Respect
To provide support that is inclusive, holistic and client centric in nature and to work from a trauma informed standpoint to achieve our clients desired outcome without compromising quality of support delivery.
Our Vision is to ensure that people living with a disability have access to support provision that is inclusive and reflective of their choices. Through advocacy, we strive to improve the standard of disability support work across the sector and uphold the principle of dignity and respect. We will be industrial leaders in provision of support that conforms with the standard of disability support work.
MH&R is committed to working in an environment that caters to the safety and wellbeing of children. Young people place in our care have the rights to feel safe, valued and heard, through mentorship and advocacy. Children a young people in our care are encouraged to contribute to how they are cared for a ell as participate in decisions that will affect their lives.

MH&R recognises its responsibility to protect every child we care for and approach this as a priority. Staff are provided with all necessary information and training to ensure that we remain compliant with the relevant child protection law and regulations. The organisation has approaches child safety using multi-disciplinary lens, we ensure that department understand their Individual and collective responsibility to the wellbeing and safety of the children in its care.

Our Values


To validate and subscribe to a philosophy of inclusiveness irrespective of background, culture, religion and social ideology.


To approach every task with uttermost transparency.

Access & Inclusion

To advocate for and promote access and Inclusion for people living with a disability.


To outline the importance of people, to promote a culture of trust and a comfortable, professional working environment.

Why Choose MH&R Holdings?

MH&R is committed to working closely with you to maximize your NDIS funding by providing adequate, supportive and consistent day to day care tailored to your need.

We understand the importance of privacy and dignity in support provision, as such your disability does not define you. Support provision is provided from a place of care so that you can focus on what matter to you the most
We are Therapeutic
We are trauma informed
We put you first

The source of our Passion

One cold night and out of the blue, she fell and started to foam in the mouth, her feet and hands started to spasm and shake, and mum was engulfed with fear and panic, she had never seen anything like it. In this state of utter chaos and with fear of losing another child, she settled for and relied on a third world and orthodox remedy of jostling her out of the seizure. The method was barbaric but effective. What I bore witness to was days of agony and pain which was the aftermath of the orthodox redirection methods. That was enough for me to vow as a child to understand what had happened and to find a better solution. Fortunately, I had the chance to move away from home, years of studies and working in the disability support area was all I needed to understand that the condition described above is a seizure. I now know that ensuring that medication was administered consistently is an effective proactive strategy. I now know and understand that placing the person in a recovery position whilst seeking for help if the seizure persist is the reactive strategy and best practice. The person is my sister, the intervention was provided by mother and I have been responsible for educating both on how to effectively manage the situation.

Tell us how we can support you

    Suite 1, 19-23 Hoddle Street,
    Richmond, Victoria 3121
    03 8080 9252
    We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the land we work on, and we pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging
    9:00AM – 5:00PM
    Monday to Friday

    ABN: 12 624 239 738
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