Suite 1,
19-23 Hoddle Street,
Richmond, Victoria 3121

Positive Behaviour support (PBS)

At MH&R, we thrive at management of challenging behaviours.
Our strength lies in understanding the historic and current contributors to a behaviour and address this through adoption of proactive strategies to improve your quality of living.

We understand that your behaviour does not define who you are, and we take a tailored approach to support you.

Our team implements the Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) developed by your PBS clinician, we focus heavily on understanding the functions of every behaviour and train our staff to understand the principles of positive behaviour support.
We take implementation of Regulated Restrictive Practice very seriously and strive to work using the least restrictive option.

MH&R identifies that most restrictive practices are temporary, MH&R collects evidence to inform the implementation and reduction of restrictive practices.

Our reporting, oversight and regulatory obligations starts with the Victorian Office of the Senior Practitioner (OSP) to the NDIS quality and safeguard Commission.

Child Youth and Family

MH&R’s child, youth and family program is designed to support young people living with a disability or significant history of trauma and living outside of home and placed under the care of the secretary because they require protection.

This program is fully funded by the Department of Family Fairness and Housing.

MH&R has adapted no child is left behind approach to deliver support to young people in this program, by providing access to:
Education and or vocation
Maintaining ties to land and country (where applicable) and or family connections.
Capacity building to learn self-regulatory and coping strategies
Capacity to build useful skills required for day-to-day functions
We are striving to make a difference by adopting the positive behaviour support frame work to support our Young people to make good choices

Tell us how we can support you

    Suite 1, 19-23 Hoddle Street,
    Richmond, Victoria 3121
    03 8080 9252
    We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the land we work on, and we pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging
    9:00AM – 5:00PM
    Monday to Friday

    ABN: 12 624 239 738
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